About Us


Preble County District Library: Helping You Connect to the World.

Board of Trustees:

Mr. Ed Bell, Secretary
Mrs. Debra Crumbaker
Ms. Anne Grim
Mrs. Susan Langley
Mrs. Brenda Mezz, President
Mr. Sam Shortes
Mr. Harry V. White, Jr, Vice President

Qualities Expected of the Board of Trustees Policy

  • The Board of Trustees works as a team bringing special skills and community representation to the Board discussions and policy making.
  • A Trustee must place the Preble County District Library's interest above any self-interest or particular branch or partisan group.
  • The Trustees are expected to act fairly and independently to further the American Library Association's Bill of Rights and advances the best interest of the Preble County District Library.
  • Trustees must evidence the qualities of team players that further the effective working of the entire Board and therefore the library as a whole.

Annual Report: 2019

Strategic Plan: 2018-2022


Lauren Robinson, Director  (937) 456-4250
Tammy Line, Fiscal Officer (937) 456-4250
Mickie Gayhart, Administrative Assistant (937) 456-4250
Clayton Jaros, Marketing Coordinator (937) 683-6937
Cheryl Richter, Print Media Specialist (937) 456-4250
Emily Hackett, Head of Reference Department (937) 456-5562
Diane Knaff, Head Cataloger (937) 456-4571
Jen Murphy, Technology Manager (937) 456-5051
Doug Montgomery, Network Administrator (937) 456-4250
Paula Byers, Collection Development Librarian (937) 456-2233
Danita Cook, Outreach Librarian (937) 456-4376
Tom Davis, Maintenance (937) 456-4250
Sarah Tozier, Head of Youth Department (937) 456-5478
Sarah Tozier, Eaton Branch Manager (937) 456-4331
Toni Keesler, Camden Branch Head Librarian (937) 452-3142
Anna Garey, Eldorado Branch Librarian (937) 273-4933
Lisa Stall, New Paris Head Librarian (937) 437-7242
Angie Getter, Preble County Room Supervisor, Volunteer Coordinator (937) 456-4970
Michelle Laughlin, West Alexandria Head Librarian (937) 533-4095
Leyna Richison, West Elkton Head Librarian (937) 787-4873
Anna Garey, West Manchester Head Librarian (937) 678-8503