Harry Potter Alliance

Join our chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance!

Preble County Potterwatch is dedicated to teen leadership and fan-based activism. The international community of the Harry Potter Alliance works for equality, literacy, and human rights... all around the globe! Inspired by literature, this group encourages teens in grades 6-12 to take action for important causes through donations, campaigns, and community service.

We may not have magic rings, death eaters, or White Witches to face, but there are plenty of opportunities to help improve our community and the world around us!

Teens - Space Escape

When a space shuttle is set on a dangerous course, do you have the skills to save it?


This escape room style program uses riddles, puzzles, and clues to build a one-of-a-kind adventure. You have one hour to complete the challenges, crack the codes, and save the ship… will you make it out alive?


*This program is for grades 6-12*

Tween Filmmakers Club Premiere

It's finally here! After weeks of hard work, it's time to screen the finished film from Tween Filmmakers Club,

Space Spies: Battle for the Princess

Friends and family are invited to join us for the first showing of TFC's completed short film from the Spring 2019 session.

Snacks will be provided, and materials from the filmmaking process will be on display for guests to see.

A lot of hard work goes into creating these projects, so come show your support for the arts!


Join us for our LGBTQ+ teen  group!

This meeting is a safe space, open to local teens (including allies!) in grades 6-12. Join us for open discussion, as well as resources and information.

The group will provide activities, conversation, planning of future program ideas, and more! 

For more information, contact

Tween SpaceCrafts

Tweens (ages 8-12) are welcome to join us for a special series of Summer Reading programs!

Each week will provide cosmic crafts or space activities to promote the Universe of Stories theme. Some activities include slime making, space games, and more! 

Come see what stellar things we have planned!


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