Homeschool Hour - Photography

Our November Homeschool Hour is another Art program!

We will be learning about the art of photography. What makes a good picture? We'll talk about framing, depth, color, light, and more! 

Students are welcome to bring their own phones/cameras/tablets/etc. to take pictures, or they may work in a group with library-provided equipment. 

*Please sign up for this program in advance*

Homeschool Hour - Meteorology

Learn about meteorology in our October Homeschool Hour!

In the first half of our program, we will focus on learning a little bit about different types of weather, and what causes them. In the second half, you'll get to try your hand at being a meteorologist by filming a news forecast in front of a greenscreen, just like the newscasters on TV!

*Please sign up for this program in advance*

Local Author Month with Herbert Martin

Herbert Woodward Martin served as professor of English and poet-in-residence at the University of Dayton for more than three decades where he taught creative writing and African-American literature. He has devoted decades to editing and giving performances of the works of the poet and novelist Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906). He is the editor of four books as well as the author of nine volumes of poetry. (Information taken from the website of the University of Dayton English department.) Join us to hear him speak on September 20.

Adult Henna Tattoos

The art of henna tattooing (also known as Mehndi) involves making decorative designs on the skin and staining the designs with henna made from the Egyptian evergreen plant Lawsonia Inermis. Henna designs may remain on the skin up to a month or more depending upon the method used.

All supplies will be provided. Call 456-4331 or visit the Eaton library to register. A signed release form will be required to participate. Registration required, limited to 12.

Teens - Heroes

The 2006 Sci-fi superhero series Heroes begins with some supernatural mutations and a major eclipse.

With the upcoming Great American Eclipse, there's no better time to celebrate the superheroes and science fiction that made this show so successful! 


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