Night Owl Prowl

Join the researchers at the Preble County Room at 450 S. Barron St. in Eaton to take the next step in your genealogy search.  Whether you're just getting started on your family tree or looking for a few more branches, research assistance will be available at the Night Owl Prowl, the Preble County Room's genealogy lock-in from 5-10 p.m. on Saturday, October 5, 2019.


Genetic Genealogy: Using DNA Testing to Advance Genealogical Research

Come to the Preble County Room on Saturday, November 9th from 2-4p p.m. for a walkthrough of genealogy and DNA testing with Dr. Michael L. Robinson, PhD.

If you are interested in doing DNA testing on yourself or family members and have no idea where to start, or what to do with the information once you have it, this is the seminar for you. We will start with a brief introduction to basic human genetics and how DNA testing can support genealogical investigation. 

Programming for 20-Somethings: Harry Potter Escape Room

Nautilus Quirrell is the son of Quirinus Quirrell, Hogwarts’ own infamous former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Professor Quirrell was killed in 1991 at the hands of Harry Potter. For this, Nautilus has vowed revenge on The Boy Who Lived. Nautilus made use of a time-turner to steal one of Voldemort’s horcruxes for safekeeping, returning it to the present, and threatening the very survival of the world.

Can you work your way through the clues and solve the mystery?


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