Escape Room For Adults: The Mighty Pen! - CANCELED

Years ago this building was a studio for many famous painters, writers, and poets. Legend has it that they would commonly leave their mark somewhere hidden in the building for others to find. Over the years everything has been sold or lost, but we recently came across this hidden chest and picture. We do not want to destroy the crate, concerned of destroying what’s inside. Instead we were hoping you could use the image to somehow open the crate.

Try to solve all the clues and “escape” in under 45 minutes; the first team to escape wins a prize!

Cemetery Restoration with Misti Spillman

Misti Spillman has a background in researching and restoring cemeteries. She worked as an AmeriCorps member at the Ohio History Connection and created a cemetery toolkit as a guide for people who want to restore cemeteries. She also serves as a reference and liaison to numerous museums and historical societies throughout Ohio. Misti Spillman is also the business owner of Reviving Cemeteries, LLC. She is currently the Executive Director for the Preble County Historical Society.

Intro to Genealogy

Learn how to begin genealogy and start your family tree!  We will cover the basics of genealogy, tips, forms, available sources and records, and some of the different databases and organizations available to further your research.

Bad Art Night

We provide the supplies and you see how creative you can get in 40 minutes! There are no rules on what kind of art you can make; the only rule is that your finished product has to be cheesy, ridiculous, or just really bad. The "winner" will receive a prize. 


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