Spooky Archaeology

Outside of scientific journals, archaeologists are depicted as searching for lost cities and mystical artifacts in news reports, television, video games, and movies like  Indiana Jones  or  The Mummy . This fantastical image has little to do with day-to-day science, yet it is deeply connected to why people are fascinated by the ancient past. By exploring the development of archaeology, this book helps us understand what archaeology is and why it matters. 

Eaton Library Book Sale

Get to the Eaton Branch Library early for the best selection of fiction, nonfiction, young adult, and children's books during the February Book Sale! The sale will run from Saturday, February 16th through Saturday, March 2nd at the Eaton Library at 301 N. Barron St. There are no set prices. All sales are through donation only. Grab what you want and give as much as you can. All funds raised support the Eaton Library.

Book/Bake Sale

Shop for DVDs, books, magazines, and more for all ages! After you've found some interesting titles, perooze the bake sale and find some sweet treats. The sales will be held during library open hours 2/11 to 2/16.


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