Homeschool Hour

Homeschool Hour - Clay

Homeschool students are invited to participate in a hands-on art lesson about sculpting with clay.

We will cover some different techniques of pottery-making, and learn about modeling and sculpture. Each student will be making their very own project to take home!

Homeschool Hour - Fungus

This month, our Homeschool Hour will focus on fungus!

Are mushrooms and toadstools the same thing? Is mold a plant? What is fungus used for?

We'll find the answers to all of these questions, plus a lot more when we learn about molds and mushrooms for the November Homeschool Hour.

Homeschool Hour

The October Homeschool Hour will be focused on BUGS.

We will be learning a bit about the creepy crawly world of insects, with an hour of entomology-focused lessons and activities.  


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