Teens - Pirate Party


September 19th is officially known as International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Brush up on your sea slang, and observe this quirky holiday with pirate themed party.

Celebrate sea scallywags with eye patches, parrots, trinkets, treasure, and ships. Costumes are allowed!

*This program is intended for grades 6-12*

Teens - A Very Stranger Things Halloween

Calling all Mouth-Breathers, Middle School AV Clubs, and Demogorgons. As season two of the Netflix hit show Stranger Things arrives, our Halloween party will be focused on the dark Sci-fi.  Enjoy Stranger Things trivia, games, crafts, and snacks. Feel free to arrive in costume for the show, or in your best '80s throwback fashion!


*This program is intended for grades 6-12*

Teens - Heroes

The 2006 Sci-fi superhero series Heroes begins with some supernatural mutations and a major eclipse.

With the upcoming Great American Eclipse, there's no better time to celebrate the superheroes and science fiction that made this show so successful! 


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