Homeschool Writing Workshop Day 2

A good story can pick you up, take you on an adventure, and leave you somewhere better. If you agree, this homeschool writing workshop can be an opportunity to discover what makes a good story, and how to do it at home.

On the first day, we’ll talk about the flashy parts of writing: what makes a good beginning and end, what normal and crazy shapes stories can be in, and what makes a really good story.

On the second day, we’ll go into how to craft good writing. We’ll be talking about how to use the tools of language, including description, character, point of view, and tense.

If you feel that your younger student would benefit from just the first day, or that your older student already likes to write and would enjoy just the second, feel free to come for just one or both!


This program will be brought to you by Carrie Burkett. Carrie is a homeschool graduate from Eaton, currently in her junior at Denison University and majoring in making up stories- or, rather, creative writing. Through taking fiction classes at Denison, Miami, and Arcadia Universities, she's discovered that learning how to craft stories is even better than reading them.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 2:00pm

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