[VIRTUAL] Cyber Lego Club - Take the Wrecking Ball Challenge!

We have been missing all of the bricktastic builders on our awesome Lego Team in New Paris.  Though the club can't meet together just yet, there is no reason we still can't have fun.  So, to all of you Brickologists out there, I offer a virtual challeng:  

The Wrecking Ball Challenge!

Use this picture of the simple build as a guide: Simple Build Example

1.  Choose or build your wrecking ball.  Think about its mass (size, shape, weight) and how it will attach.

2.  Build your wrecking ball support structure.  Think about height and structural integrity to support a swinging object.  Think about the mass of your wrecking ball, its potential force, speed it will swing, and trajectory (the path and arc of the swing).

3.  Build something to wreck: towers, bowling pins, pylons, bad guy minifigs, etc.

What changes can you make to knock things down even more effectively?

Now grab your bricks, imagine and plan.  Engineer something amazing!

Send us a picture of your creative design at pcdl@preblelibrary.org or on the library's Facebook page..  Be sure to check out Lego Home Edition for more building fun.                                                                                                                                       







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