Summer Reading

Summer Reading


Build a banner for yourself with a tapestry design! Create your own crest and artwork for a woven paper flag to represent yourself, your family, or one of your interests.

Story Time

Join us on our weekly epic quest at our children's storytime. Each week we will enjoy a story and do a craft or activity. Since all adventurers get hungry on their journey we will also enjoy an epic snack.

Dragons Love Tacos

Have you ever been curious as to what Dragons love to eat most of all? Kids, stop in to the West Elkton Library for a reading of Adam Rubin's Dragons Love Tacos, and find out! Fun dragon crafts to follow!

Craft of the Day

Join us every Monday during our normal hours to see what epic craft we will discover. Will it be a unicorn? Your very own knight mask? Or will this be the week you get to help us decorate and build a dragon?


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