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If you have a library card, your PIN, and (if you want to place a hold on an item not currently available) an email address, go to the Ohio Digital Library (ODL) website and log in selecting “Preble County District Library” for your library. You cannot use the pcs at your library to download materials. Download onto your own pc, laptop, kindle, eReader, tablet, or mobile device. If you want to see eBooks reserved solely for checkout by PCDL patrons, you must log in first.

Supported eBook and Audio/Video Devices and Formats.

Customized Help for your computer or device
(click on "Getting Started," select your device).

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If you need help, contact us at prebleodl@preblelibrary.org providing as much of the following information as you can:

  • Your name and email address
  • Library Card Number
  • Description of Problem
  • Format of the Item
  • Title(s) of Problem Media
  • Exact Text of any Error Message
  • Software Application
  • Make and Model of the Mobile Device
  • Operating System (Mac® OS 10.6.2, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista, Windows® XP, etc)
  • Internet Browser and Version
  • Existence of Firewall (Yes, No, or Unknown)

If you would like to request a class on using the virtual library, call 937-456-4331 and ask for the Reference Librarian. Be prepared to provide your name, telephone number, and the name and model of the device you plan to use. You will be contacted when a class is formed. Or, contact your local branch; staff there can often answer your questions or put you in touch with someone who can.