West Alex.

West Alexandria

Libraries Rock - Ice Cream Tour Kickoff

Visit the West Alexandria Library to sign up for summer reading on Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd. We will have fun for all musicians no matter your skill or age this summer. Get a scoop of ROCK Ice Cream (for those of you not in the biz that means Rocky Road ice cream) or some CLASSIC Ice Cream (better known in their younger days as Vanilla Ice Cream)
But hurry this Ice Cream Tour only last the first 2 days of summer reading.

Rock our Weekly Display Contest

Our weekly display contest is located on our main display shelf. Each Monday we will place several library items on the display shelf that have something in common. Each weekly contest runs from Monday – Saturday. Everyone who gets the answer correct will receive a small prize and also be entered into our weekly “grand prize” drawing. The following Monday a list of all winners will be posted in the display area along with a new set of items for that weeks’ contest. This contest is open to everyone.

Crafts Rock!

Every Monday we will have a new “Craft of the Day” at our craft table located by the glass case. These crafts will be crafts that need limited or no help or may be taken home to do. Everyone who participates will receive a piece of candy. This program is open to everyone and will stay out all day.


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