Homeschool Hour

Homeschool Hour - Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction?


Resources, Research, and Reliable Information


When you need to learn something, where do you go? December’s Homeschool Hour will discuss resources here at the library, online databases, and how to find information on almost anything! Take a tour with us through our children’s non-fiction section to learn where you can find books on some of your favorite topics.

Homeschool Hour - Photography

Our November Homeschool Hour is another Art program!

We will be learning about the art of photography. What makes a good picture? We'll talk about framing, depth, color, light, and more! 

Students are welcome to bring their own phones/cameras/tablets/etc. to take pictures, or they may work in a group with library-provided equipment. 

*Please sign up for this program in advance*

Homeschool Hour - Meteorology

Learn about meteorology in our October Homeschool Hour!

In the first half of our program, we will focus on learning a little bit about different types of weather, and what causes them. In the second half, you'll get to try your hand at being a meteorologist by filming a news forecast in front of a greenscreen, just like the newscasters on TV!

*Please sign up for this program in advance*

Homeschool Hour - Art Show

Show off your artistic talents with our Homeschool Art Show!

Original artwork can be submitted to the library from September 11th- September 18th.

Students may submit up to two pieces of art for the show. These can be pieces from past art homeschool programs, or any independently made works. A short submission form will be available at the front desk. Media include: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media, and Other (Misc).

Homeschool Hour - Great American Eclipse

*Special Dates!* 

Homeschool Hour for August will take place on the second and third Wednesdays of the month, rather than the third and fourth. This is because of a very special event happening on August 21st - the Great American Eclipse!

This will be the first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 38 years. While Preble County is not in the line of totality, we will be witnessing nearly 90% coverage!

Come learn about how eclipses happen, what makes this one special, and how you can prepare for the special day!

Homeschool Hour - Perspective

Our April Homeschool Hour will be another art lesson. This time, we will be focusing on drawing with perspective!

We'll have a discussion about how to draw three-dimensional objects, and how to work with one-point perspective.


*This program will be offered on both April 19th and April 26th. Registration is not required, but reserved materials are only guaranteed if you sign up for one of these dates in advance*

Homeschool Hour - Brains

Our March Homeschool Hour will have a special guest.

Dr. Trish (from Wright State University) will be coming to our program to share a special lesson on brains...

and she'll be bringing real brains for us to check out!

We will also have models and activities to learn from, so don't miss out on this special opportunity!

Homeschool Hour - Collages

February's Homeschool Hour is another ART program!

We will be creating collages after discussing a few important qualities needed for good design (color, texture, shape, etc.)

This is a chance to recycle old materials into something new and fun.

You will have the opportunity to think creatively and create your choice of pictures and abstract works.


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