After School Crew

After School Crew is the Storytime counterpart for ages 6-12. This group is designed to encourage education, exploration, creation, and teamwork. Meetings may include a mix of games, crafts, science experiments, and other play-based activities. Each After School Crew session meets for six weekly programs from 4:45-5:45 on Thursday evenings.


After School Crew is intended to help build phonological awareness, print motivation, vocabulary, problem solving, creativity, and communication skills in elementary-aged children.

Tween Film Workshop

The Tween Film Workshop for October will focus on scoring! 

Learn about selecting and creating music for cinema. A film's score can be as important as its dialogue, when it comes to creating emotion in a scene. Try your hand at adding music of your own!


Tween Film Workshops are monthly programs that focus on one aspect of filmmaking. They provide more detail and less commitment than the Tween Filmmakers Club, and do not require registration.


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