Interactive Story Walk at the A.S.K. Playground

GO OUT and MOVE ABOUT while you take a walk through the A.S.K. Playground and read a story!


WHEN: All of October 2020 during daylight hours

WHEREA.S.K. Playground, 1239 N. Maple St., Eaton, OH 45320 (click for directions)


( Click here ) to download a printable poster/handout for this event!


Our Eaton Librarians have turned the storybook Move! By Steve Jenkins and Robin Page into an interactive walkthrough story experience for all ages to enjoy. Get outside, take a walk, soak up the autumn breezes, and enjoy a story with us!

The story will be switched out periodically, so remember to check back for a fresh title and a new storytime experience. If you missed a story, don’t fret! You can always reserve it online or at your local branch:


Want to get your kids more involved with the story? Consider these Active Reading Tips;

  • Ask Questions: Ask open-ended questions to get kids talking! "What animal do you think will show up next?"
  • Build Vocabulary: Demonstrate new words to build vocabulary. Don't just say the word "slide"...actually slide if you can.
  • Connect to the Child's World: Relate the story to what kids know to let them learn more about the world. "Animals move in different ways. How does your pet cat move?"


ABOUT: The A.S.K. Playground is a play area built to accommodate individuals with developmental disabilities. There is a paved path, accessible playground equipment, and a shelter house available for use by those individuals,  their families, and the community. 

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LEARN MORE: The Preble County District Library would like to thank the Preble County Board of Developmental Disabilities for partnering with us and allowing us to use their space! Visit to learn about PCDD’s mission of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.


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Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 9:00am

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