Preble County Comic Con® 2019!

What's a better way to kick off our annual summer reading program than with the third annual Preble County Comic Con® 2019! (#PCCC2019) This year's Summer Reading theme of "A Universe of Stories"and all the fantastic Sci-Fi of Comic Con® go hand-in-hand. This year's event will be held at the Wagner Center (L&M Products Building at 1407 N. Barron St. in Eaton).  Preble County Comic Con® is free to attend, as are all PCDL programs and events. 

Saturday, June 1st from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Events/Guests/Activities Include:

  • Local Artists & Comic Book Illustrators:
    • Adam Fields
    • Kole Maggard
    • Adam Blackwell
    • Daxan Studios
  • Discussions/Demos with Gleume Cosplay:
    • What the heck is cosplay and how do I get started?
    • You Can Make Anything with This - Intro to foamsmthing for cosplayers and other makers
  • Vendors- Local comic shops, authors, crafters, artist:
    • Mindee Arnett- YA Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author
    • Darkhold Games
    • Jim & Dan Comics
    • Dark Crescent Studios- polymer clay sculptures/prints/hand burned boxes
    • Andrew Seiple- LitRPG Author
  • Tabletop Gaming with Darkhold Games
  • LARP (Live Action Role Play)
  • Ohio Garrison of 501st Legion with Blast a Trooper booth. 
  • Community fan art display
  • Food Vendors
    • Funky Fusion Foods
    • Bratt Tasties
  • Cosplay Contests*
  • All ages can register for the summer reading program & kids and teens get a free bag!
  • Door prizes, family activities & more!

Make sure to get to the Preble County Comic Con® early because the first 100 in attendance will receive a limited edition Comic Con poster designed by a local artist, Adam Fields!


Schedule of Events

11:00 AM: Doors Open

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM: Workshop w/ Gleume Cosplay: What the heck is cosplay and how do I get started?

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM: Workshop w/ Gleume Cosplay: You Can Make Anything with This - Intro to foamsmthing for cosplayers and other makers

2:15 PM - 2:30 PM: Name that Theme Song!

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Cosplay Contest

3:00 PM: Comic Con® 2019 Ends


*Cosplay Contest

Entry Form:

One of the most popular activities associated with Comic Cons around the world is cosplay: dressing up as your favorite character from a movie, book, or video game. During Preble County Comic Con®, we’ll be deciding on the best costumes for two different age groups: 0- 13 yr. and 14 yr. and older.  There will be prizes for first place, runner up and honorable mention for each age group. You can pre-register at the Eaton library by filling out a Cosplay Contest Registration Form. Costumes from all genres are acceptable, and original characters are welcome, too.

Only handmade or hand assembled costumes will be accepted. You can use pre-styled/modified accessories such as wigs, shoes, and props, but we strongly encourage handmade accessories. This is your chance to show off your handiwork! 

Contestants are encouraged, though not required, to bring a reference photo or drawing of their character for the judges. Actual weapons and other items considered dangerous by the library are prohibited, and all costumes must follow the library’s code of conduct (such as no nudity or offensive language) as this is an event for all ages.


**Activities and guests are subject to change. Comic Con is a registered trademark of San Diego Comic Convention. Used with permission.


Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 11:00am

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