Fine Free Borrowing Policy

Revised: 2014, July 2019, August 2019

Obtaining a Library Card:

  • “RESIDENT”: Any person who is of kindergarten age, age 5 or older, or can print their first name and who resides within the State of Ohio is entitled to free library services and may apply for a borrower's card in person at the library. For a list of library materials and services please click here.
  • “NON-RESIDENT”: Residents of other states and countries may obtain a library card by showing a photo ID and proof of home address. All other policies and regulations are identical to those of a resident borrower. Non-residents will be charged an annual fee of $20 for their card.
  • A photo ID showing the birth date and a current utility bill as proof of address are required. An exception will be made if the librarian can validate for the patron. In the rare case a patron cannot produce a utility bill, another current and official document may be used, such as: checkbook with address, bank statement, etc. Thereafter, the card issued in the patron's name should be presented when borrowing items from the library.
  • First time borrowers are restricted to three items only. Once the initial three items are returned, the patron may borrow the maximum number of items per card.
  • Patrons may borrow a maximum of 50 items per card. Senior citizens may borrow a maximum of 100 items per card. Homebound patrons have and unlimited amount of materials that they may borrow. 
  • Each adult borrower is held responsible for all items charged out on his or her card.
  • A parent’s or guardian’s signature is required for a minor (under 18 years old). The parent or guardian will be responsible for the appropriateness of materials, including electronic information, and for payment of charges incurred with the card. A legal guardian needs to be present with a minor when signing up for minor's card. If the legal guardian does not currently a library card, the legal guardian must present the same requirements (photo I.D. showing birth date and current utility bill.) Foster children will need the signature of their foster parent.
  • Persons abusing their library privileges will have their library card revoked.

Juvenile Cards

Juvenile Cards are available for children age 17 and under. The parent/guardian must present a photo ID and proof of current address (i.e. check, utility bill, recently postmarked mail). The parent/guardian is responsible for all fines or fees accumulated on the juvenile card. Juvenile cards holders under the age of 17 may not check out DVDs categorized as R Rated, Video Games rated Mature, and CDs rated Mature. 

Educator Cards

Educator Cards are available for teachers and homeschooler teachers. An Educator Card extends the loan period to six weeks with one renewal of three weeks. An Educator Card has a limit of 75 items per card. The Educator Card is to be used only for student study materials.

Loan Periods and Limits

The loan period is different for various library materials. Each material category is also limited to the number of items checked out at one time. However, regardless of the limits, a total of 50 items is the most that can be borrowed at one time.

Loan Period Material Limit

21 Days

  • Books and Audiobooks
  • CDs
  • Magazines
  • Early Childhood Education kits
  • Playaways
  • Adaptive Toys
  • Wonderbooks (PCDL Patrons Only)
  • 50
  • 50
  • 50
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 1
14 Days
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • 1

7 Days

  • DVDs
  • Video Games
  • Playaway Views
  • 25
  • 2
  • 2

Renewing Items

Most materials can be renewed up to four times in person, by phone, or online. Material cannot be renewed if the patron has fines exceeding $5 or if another patron has requested it (placed it on hold). Mobile hotspots cannot be renewed.
Non-circulating items include: reference materials, microforms, Preble County Room genealogy materials.


No overdue fines will be incurred once materials are returned. Preble County District Library cardholders who have three overdue items will have their borrowing privileges blocked until the items are returned.

Lost or unreturned material

At 30 days overdue, items will be considered lost and a lost item fee will be assessed. Lost or unreturned materials will be charged for the actual cost of that material. Cost of other types of damages are listed below. Accounts with $50.oo or more in fees will be sent to Unique Collection Agency to recover the cost for the library. Even if the material is recovered, there is a collection fee ($10) charged for the work of the collection agency. Collection fees cannot be waived.

Recovering Lost Items

When a patron has lost an item and returns it undamaged, the library can refund the patron the cost of the item if the patron paid for it. Amounts of $10 or more will be reimbursed by check and mailed to the address on the patron's account.

Waived Fines:

  • Current staff 
  • Developmentally disabled persons in group homes
  • Veterans with proof of service
  • Staff members who have worked continuously for 25 years or more


  • A replacement card costs $1.
  • Sending and receiving fax charges are $1 per page, $5 per page if out of the U.S.
  • All one-sided prints are 15 cents per sheet (B & W, color, scanned, microfilm, etc.)
  • Lamination
    • 50 cents per foot available at the Eaton Library and Administrative Office
    • Cold Laminator: $2 per foot available at the Eaton Library
  • Flash drives cost is $4.00 each.
  • Ear Buds and headphones cost $1 each.
  • Ellison Dye Cutting is $3 per use. Patrons must supply their own paper.
  • Lost or Damaged Materials charges reflect the purchase price of the item.
  • Barcode damaged or missing charge is $1.
  • Case damaged or missing charge is $2.
  • No charge for “damaged” CDs or DVDs that have been used over 50 times.
  • Replacement costs for any cables or equipment attachments will reflect current costs as determined by the Technology Manager or Director.

Library Provided Services and Materials

  • Books: (audiobooks, braille books, graphic novels, comics)
  • DVDs, CDs, magazines, playaways for children, videogames
  • E-books (fiction/nonfiction and audio) and E-magazines via the Ohio Digital Library
  • E-books (database) via our Reference Databases
  • E-books, comics, audiobooks, movies/TV shows, music via Hoopla
  • Professional research services
  • Basic computer instruction, individual and group
  • Adaptive toys
  • Genealogy Research (Preble County Room)
  • Videophone, programs, and materials for the Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Materials for the blind (books and descriptive movies)
  • Reader for blind/visually impaired
  • Materials from other libraries
  • Makerspace (Eaton Library)
  • Delivery and programming for homebound patrons and area nursing homes
  • Programming for all age groups
  • Meeting Rooms for non-profit organizations (Eaton and Eldorado Branches)
  • Fax, scanning, laminating, Ellison Dies
  • Educator Cards
  • In-house laptop use (Eaton Library)
  • In-house iPad use
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Wifi
  • Notary (Office)